5th Maruzza International Congress
5th Maruzza International Congress


25th May 2022

Silvia Lefebvre D’Ovidio, Franca Benini, Ann Goldman,
Stefan J. Friedrichsfdorf

‘Are you listening?’
Melissa Platt with Michelle Meiring

Keynote Lecture
‘Why do we hear but don’t listen?’
Matteo Asti

26th May 2022

Les Amis d’Antonio Lefebvre D’Ovidio Young Researcher Award-1st prize
winning abstract
Sport in Pediatric Palliative Care
Irene Avagnina

27th May 2022

Of dying
Ana Lacerda

Gastrointestinal symptoms
Mercedes Bernadá

Focus Session: Children’s palliative care in humanitarian crises: Listening to Ukraine
Moderator: Joan Marston
With the participation of: Richard Bauer, Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf,Marta Salek

28th May 2022

Roundtable discussion:
Listening and learning from one another – a global overview
Moderators: Joan Marston & Marcello Orzalesi
• Christoph Ostgathe – Europe
• Huda Abu Saad – Middle East
• Emmanuel Luyirika – Africa
• Poh-Heng Chong – Asia
• Justin N. Baker – North America
• Mary Ann Muckaden – India
• Mercedes Bernadá – South America
• Karyn Bycroft – New Zealand

Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf

Thanks & arrivederci
Franca Benini