5th Maruzza International Congress
5th Maruzza International Congress


“Our goal is to provide all countries around the world with the skills to develop sustainable paediatric palliative care; a human right for all children and families living a traumatic event such as serious illness. I look forward to welcoming you to Rome next May for this latest knowledge-sharing experience!”

Franca Benini - Chair of the 5th Maruzza International Congress

The theme chosen by the Scientific Committee for this 5th Maruzza Congress is: ‘Listen! Really Listen!’ with the intention of giving a voice to children with serious illness and their families in order to stimulate answers from the professionals involved in the scientific, clinical, organizational, ethical, legal, training and information sectors linked to the care provision of children with serious illness and their families.
The objectives of this Congress are to transfer experiences and encourage knowledge sharing, to divulge innovative approaches and present cutting-edge technology, whilst fostering new synergies across diverse cultures and disciplines aimed at improved palliative care delivery to children worldwide regardless of the type of their illness or their social and economic background.

During the 5th Maruzza Congress, the  Awards for Excellence in Paediatric Palliative Care will be awarded for two categories:

1. The best abstracts submitted by presenting authors under the age of 35 years.
2. Fondazione Charlemagne best short video (open to all registered delegates)