Speaker’s Summary Instructions

These instructions are for INVITED SPEAKERS ONLY
The speakers are invited to write a summary of their presentation .
All summaries must be submitted using the electronic abstract system
The deadline for submission is the 29th September 2024

Abstracts should meet the following criteria:

  • Title: The title must correspond to the title of the Speaker’s intervention presentation in the Congress programme. The complete title should be capitalized and abbreviations should be avoided.
  • Author: Surname with first letter in upper case. Initial of the first name in upper cases (i.e. Smith J.)
  • Affiliation: The Author’s affiliation needs to contain the following (in this order, the street address is not needed):
    • Unit or Section,
    • Department,
    • University and/or Hospital,
    • Town
    • Country
  • Minimum number of characters: 3000 (including spaces, excluding titles, author and affiliation)
  • Maximum number of characters: 5000 (including spaces, excluding titles, author and affiliation)
  • Only the standard abbreviations used in medicine are accepted, whereas the other acronyms should be written in full the first time they appear in the abstract. After that, the acronym can be used. Eg: Non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
  • References are not required. If supplied, they are included in the character count.
  • Generic drug names should be preferred. The use of trade names is discouraged, and should only be used when necessary

N.B. Abstracts must be written in English and will appear in the abstract book exactly as submitted and will not be edited in any way.